In the dynamic spectrum access research, Fairspectrum belongs to one of the most actively publishing companies in the world. The research papers cover for example measurements, testbeds, pilots, algorithms, system models, policy, and pricing.


Fairspectrum has been involved in dynamic spectrum access pilots in several locations in Finland, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Russia, and Vietnam. Fairspectrum's role in the pilots has ranged from writing financing application to reporting the pilot results, and everything there between. The fact that Fairspectrum does not possess any radio transmitters itself highlights the collaboration nature of all pilots.

Spectrum visualisation

Fairspectrum provides solutions for spectrum visualization. The fundamental challenge is how to visualize several aspects of spectrum use: location, frequency, time, and field strength with a single view. Spectrum visualization tools exist for spectrum monitoring (real-time spectrum analyzer), sensor data (heatmap), and Fairspectrum developed tool for visualizing administrative spectrum assignments.