Fairspectrum has a world leading palette of standard and customized DSA solutions

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

  • Fairspectrum was a 2nd wave applicant to become a CBRS SAS administrator in the US

  • Fairspectrum licenses a CBRS SAS which passes all public SAS tests to customers

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Licensed Shared Access (LSA)

  • Fairspectrum operates a LSA spectrum reservation system since 2016

  • Fairspectrum's ETSI compatible LSA Repository and Controller have been piloted in several European countries, and they have been integrated with various network providers

  • Examples of Fairspectrum LSA application areas include PMSE, industrial IoT, Fixed Wireless Access and Critical communications

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Private 5G network spectrum

  • The tool helps you to identify available frequency bands and areas

  • You can plan your private radio network

  • The tool automates the private 5G license application process

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Television White Space (TVWS)

  • Fairspectrum TVWS geolocation database has been certified by Ofcom, UK and the Communications Authority of Kenya

  • Fairspectrum TVWS database services have been commercially deployed since 2015

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