TV White Space technology fills the unused TV spectrum

Post date: Dec 5, 2011 7:35:11 AM

The last number of the Finnish Prosessori-magazine writes how Finland could utilize unused TV frequencies. The article reports about Tekes WISE project. TV White Space (TVWS) communication technology offers excellent propagation characteristics and a broad bandwidth giving high bitrates for data connections also on the sub-urban and rural areas. The unique co-existence of various communication technologies on the same frequencies challenges the interference management. The TVWS systems should not cause interference to earlier built systems like TV broadcasting or radiomicrophones. The suggested solution for the interference management is a geo-location database in USA, UK, and Canada. Finnish radio regulators have not yet defined how to solve this issue. WISE project has carried out extensive measurements to understand how to balance between interference protection for priority systems and capacity and availability of the TVWS systems.