Tools to support TV White Space Geolocation database

Post date: May 21, 2012 6:09:34 AM

A White Space geolocation database is a tool to bring the regulatory spectrum sharing principles in practice. It administers the frequency use of the same TV band between TV broadcasting, Program Making and Special Events (PMSE) equipment like wireless microphones, and TV White Space Devices.

Workshop on Cognitive radio and software defined radio, organized by ECC CEPT and a research project Cost-Terra in Mainz, Germany on May 2-3, 2012, presented a wide view of regulators, researchers, and industry on the topic. Spectrum Sharing is an umbrella term including cognitive radio and TV White Space in the European regulatory terminology. The basic categories of spectrum sharing are cognitive technologies and location based technologies, which are best represented by spectrum sensing and geolocation database technologies, respectively. Interestingly, the majority of workshop discussion was around location based TV White Space technologies.

TV White Space geolocation database facilitates the spectrum sharing collaboration between regulators, broadcasters, PMSE, and TV White Space industry. Although the geolocation database has been introduced by the TV White Space industry, the collaboration assumes that also broadcasters and wireless microphones participate in contributing information to the database and benefit by doing so. In the Mainz workshop, Fairspectrum demonstrated four concepts how to bring these industries together. Through the geolocation database field strength input interface, the broadcasters can contribute their service areas calculated by themselves to the geolocation database. With the PMSE Manager, the wireless microphone users can maintain the geolocation information about their device frequencies, location and operation time. The regulators can effectively communicate the PMSE regulations to the wireless microphone users with the Frequencies for PMSE; and with the White Space Device, the regulators and TV White Space industry can test, demonstrate, and visualize the operation of a geolocation database.

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