Fairspectrum Wins Collaborative Spectrum Sharing Prize

Post date: Nov 7, 2016 7:47:52 AM

ROME, Italy, November 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

FAIRSPECTRUM a leading provider of dynamic spectrum management services today announced that it has received the Collaborative Spectrum Sharing Prize. The award was presented to Dr. Oliver Holland, King's College of London by European Commission Digital Economy & Society Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger in the Second Global 5G Event in Rome on Nov 9, 2016. Dr. Oliver Holland, leader of the submission, received the prize on behalf of the DISTRIBUTE team, which consists of King's College London, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, Fairspectrum, and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

"We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Fairspectrum for its excellent contribution towards the submission. Fairspectrum has carried out pioneering work in realms of spectrum sharing", writes Dr. Oliver Holland, King's College London. Seppo Yrjölä, Nokia comments: "I was delighted that the Collaborative Spectrum Sharing award was received by Fairspectrum. Fairspectrum has been a long-term collaboration partner, and it has continuously demonstrated ground-breaking skills in spectrum sharing technology."

The deadline for European Commission Research & Innovation awarded prize of 500 000 € to improve the usage of scarce spectrum resources by providing Collaborative Spectrum Sharing, which means alternative and decentralized spectrum management approaches, closed on Dec 17, 2015.

Fairspectrum (http://www.fairspectrum.com) is a Finnish company, founded in 2010. Fairspectrum provides online spectrum management software, services, and related consulting. Fairspectrum was the first White Space Database (WSDB) provider qualified to operate in the United Kingdom and providing WSDB Services. Fairspectrum deploys LSA spectrum management service for the pilot of Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands to coordinate mutual interference of 2.3 GHz wireless camera users in 2016-2017. Fairspectrum piloted Licensed Shared Access (LSA) at Ministry of Economic Development of Italy in Romein 2015-2016, in Megafon network in Russia in 2016, and in Ylivieska, Finland in 2013-2016. This prize is a significant recognition for Fairspectrum spectrum sharing work. It allows Fairspectrum to invest in growth on international markets. The prize increases the awareness of dynamic spectrum management technology among European decision makers in wireless communications industry, and it strengthens the position of dynamic spectrum management in 5G networks.


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