Fairspectrum Pilots LSA Service for Wireless Camera Users in the Netherlands

Post date: May 31, 2016 11:43:23 AM

Fairspectrum today began a Licensed Shared Access (LSA) service pilot for 2.3 GHz wireless camera users in the Netherlands.The Netherlands is the first country in Europe to pilot mutual interference management of wireless cameras with LSA. The Netherlands is also the first country to issue radio licenses for commercial end users with a requirement to use LSA spectrum management. Fairspectrum was selected by Agentschap Telecom to provide the LSA pilot spectrum management system in the Netherlands.

LSA system allows dynamic spectrum sharing without harmful interference. The spectrum users record their frequency, time of use and location in the system. When a new user would like to begin use of spectrum, the system computes which frequency bands are available in the given location. Piloted wireless cameras are used for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Outdoor Broadcasting (OB). The main operational target in the system is to have a reservation system, which helps to avoid interference between ENG/OB users. Another longer term target for the system is to prepare for mobile broadband use on 2.3 GHz band. ECC Decision (14)02 aims to allow the mobile broadband on the band.

Gerard Cuijten from Agentschap Telecom said that "This pilot helps us to get spectrum in more efficient and shared use." "The Netherlands LSA pilot is unique as it manages the mutual interference of the real wireless camera users," commented Heikki Kokkinen from Fairspectrum.

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