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DEM - Demonstration, PR - Press release, PRE - Presentation, PUB - Publication, STA - Standards or regulations contribution, STO - Story

PUB Dynamic spectrum access in terrestrial TV band: assessment of prospects in Kenya — Apr, 2021

PR DYNASAT project has kicked off — Mar, 2021

PUB LTE Signal Detector for LSA Spectrum Sharing Model in Portugal — Dec, 2020

PUB ASCENT strategic recommendations: Spectrum sharing between satellite and terrestrial systems — Oct, 2020

PUB Licensed shared access (LSA) field trial and a testbed for satellite-terrestrial communication including research directions for 5G and beyond— Sep, 2020

PUB Demonstrating Immersive Media Delivery on 5G Broadcast and Multicast Testing Networks — Mar, 2020

STA Fairspectrum Oy comments to the ICASA's public consultation on a Draft framework to qualify to operate a secondary geolocation spectrum database — Mar, 2020

PUB Results of the Demonstration of Licensed Shared Access with Sensing of Secondary Signal — Nov, 2019

STA Traficom Consultation response: Consultation request for update of Finnish radio regulation and regulation concerning radio spectrum and use of license-exempt devices — Nov, 2019

PUB Licensed shared access testbed for integrated satellite-terrestrial communications: The ASCENT project —Oct, 2019

PUB Enhancing space to earth communications —Sep, 2019

PUB Coordinated Spectrum Allocation and Coexistence Management in CBRS-SAS Wireless Network —Sep, 2019

PUB Spectrum Allocation Options for Point-to-Multipoint Services in 5G — Aug, 2019

PUB Location Dependent Spectrum Valuation of Private LTE and 5G Networks in Europe — Aug, 2019

PUB Rapidly Deployable Network System for Critical Communications in Remote Locations — Jun, 2019

PUB Database Supported Flexible Spectrum Access - Field Trials in Commercial Networks — May, 2019

PRE Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) systems — May, 2019

STA Ofcom Consultation response: Enabling opportunities for innovation — Mar 12, 2019

PR LSA Pilot in Portugal — Feb 1, 2019

PUB Demonstration of Shared Spectrum Access of Different User Groups — Jan, 2019

PUB Pricing Private LTE and 5G Radio Licenses on 3.5 GHz — Jan, 2019

PUB Coexistence of LTE Networks Under LSA Paradigm in 2.6 GHz Band — Jan, 2019

PUB Spectrum Management Application for Virtualized Wireless Vehicular Networks: A Step Toward Programmable Spectrum Management in Future Wireless Networks — Dec, 2018

PRE Artificial Intelligence in spectrum management — Dec, 2018

PUB Critical communications over mobile operators’ networks: 5G use cases enabled by licensed spectrum sharing, network slicing and QoS control — Nov, 2018

PUB Licensed Shared Access Evolution to Provide Exclusive and Dynamic Shared Spectrum Access for Novel 5G Use Cases — Nov, 2018

PUB Results of the Demonstration of Shared Spectrum Access of Different User Groups and Changing Priorities — Nov, 2018

PUB Demonstrating Changing Priorities in Dynamic Spectrum Access — Nov 14, 2018

PUB Licensed Shared Access (LSA) evolution deploying US CBRS protocols and sensing the secondary user — Nov 14, 2018

PUB 5G Needs Database-Driven Spectrum Sharing! — Oct 24, 2018

PUB Coexistence of LTE Networks Under LSA Paradigm in 2.6 GHz Band — Sep 19, 2018

PUB Pricing Private LTE and 5G Radio Licenses on 3.5 GHz — Sep 19, 2018

PUB Demonstration of shared spectrum access of different user groups — Sep 18, 2018

STA Application of Fairspectrum LLC for short-term, limited geographic commercial deployment in the 3550-3700 MHz band— Sep 10, 2018

PUB Trial of spectrum sharing in 2.3 GHz band for two types of PMSE equipment and mobile network — Jun 6, 2018

STA Promoting Investment in the 3550-3700 MHz Band — May 11, 2018

STA Application of Fairspectrum LLC to be designated as a Spectrum Access System Administrator (revised) — Mar 15, 2018

PUB TV White Space Spectrum Sharing Using Geolocation Databases — Jan 2018

PUB LSA evolution enables local high-quality wireless networks — Nov 15, 2017

PRE A spectrum broker service for CBRS Priority Access Licenses on Illiquid, non-realtime, secondary markets — Nov 15, 2017

PUB Spectrum Broker Service for Micro-operator and CBRS Priority Access Licenses — Sep 20, 2017

PUB Application of the CBRS Model for Wireless Systems Coexistence in 3.6–3.8 GHz Band — Sep 20, 2017

PUB Designing a Testbed Infrastructure for Experimental Validation and Trialing of 5G Vertical Applications — Sep 20, 2017

PUB Regulatory Pilot on Licensed Shared Access in a Live LTE-TDD Network in IMT Band 40 — Sep 11, 2017

DEM Dynamic Spectrum Manager for a 5G industrial automation micro operator on 3.4-3.8 GHz in Europe — Jun 12, 2017

PUB Spectrum and RAN sharing in 5G networks - a COHERENT approach — Jun 12, 2017

PUB Citizen's Broadband Radio Service enables micro-operators to provide Industrial automation — May 18, 2017

PRE Europe moves towards Dynamic Spectrum Access — May 18, 2017

PUB Sharing under licensed shared access in a live LTE network in the 2.3–2.4 GHz band end-to-end architecture and compliance results — Mar 6, 2017

STO Fairspectrum expands and opens an office in Turku — Dec 9, 2016

PR Fairspectrum Wins Collaborative Spectrum Sharing Prize — Nov 7, 2016STO Fairspectrum with Nokia, Megafon and NIIR in LSA pilot in Russia — Jul 7, 2016

PR Fairspectrum Pilots LSA Service for Wireless Camera Users in the Netherlands — May 31, 2016

PUB To white space or not to White Space: That is the trial within the Ofcom TV White Spaces pilot — Sep 29, 2015

PUB Field trial of licensed shared access (LSA) with enhanced LTE resource optimization and incumbent protection — Sep 29, 2015

PUB Flexible Spectrum Management: Approaches for India — Jun 30, 2015

PUB Some Initial Results and Observations from a Series of Trials within the Ofcom TV White Spaces Pilot May 11, 2015

STO Internet for rural women in Vietnam — Nov 27, 2014 10:37:22 AM

PUB A series of trials in the UK as part of the Ofcom TV white spaces pilot — Sep 4, 2014

DEM Licensed Shared Access (LSA) trial demonstration using real LTE network —Jun 2, 2014

PR Fairspectrum Provides TV White Space Database for Europe’s First Geolocation Radio License — Aug 27, 2012

PUB Field measurements of WSD-DTT protection ratios over outdoor and indoor reference geometries — Jun 18, 2012

PRE LTE and TV White Space — Jun 4, 2012

STO Tools to support TV White Space Geolocation database — May 21, 2012

STO Cambridge TV White Spaces Trial Summit — Apr 29, 2012

PUB TV White Spaces in Europe — Dec 21, 2011

STA Coexistence of radio microphones and White Space devices — Dec 15, 2011

STO TV White Space technology fills the unused TV spectrum — Dec 5, 2011AM

STO Shared White or own parking Space — Nov 28, 2011

STO Radiomicrophones will move — Nov 18, 2011